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Lots of people ask us - where are you planning to go?  And how long will you be gone?

The answer is not as easy as it seems...we plan on completing a circumnavigation.  We don't know how long it will take us - but we're planning to be out and about for 10-15 years, give or take.  We joke that we will be cruising until money or health runs out.  We're starting out heading South from California.  We'll spend a season or two cruising Mexico before heading further south.  Once we reach Panama, we're planning to head over into the South Pacific. 

The Map below of good cruising stops in Mexico is a good, generic starting point once we get into Mexico.  There are a few more stops we plan to make other than those listed, but it's a pretty good idea.  These are the places we have stopped so far and our The planned stops (of course, plans can change...) are:

 - Starting out from Channel Islands Harbor, we cruised over to Smuggler's Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands.

 - We went to Catalina Harbor, on the backside of Catalina for a few days and spent Christmas there.  We headed around the island for a day in Avalon harbor where we were beaten up a bit. 

 - From Catalina, we cruised over to Newport Beach for a day.

 - Then on to Oceanside

 - And finally to San Diego.  We had to stay in San Diego for about a week as there were storms in the area and we were unable to leave.  So we did some last minute provisioning, fixed anything that was broken on the last leg of the trip, and enjoy the city! 

 - From San Diego, we headed to Ensenada where we checked into Mexico.

 - After Ensenada, we left for Isla San Quintin, but decided to head further down the coast to Bahia de Tortuga (Turtle Bay).

 - Next is scheduled to be Bahia Asuncion

 - Punta Abreojos (this is right outside of San Ignacia Lagoon where the whales migrate each year)

 - Bahia San Juanico

 - Bahia Magdalena (Mag Bay)

 - Cabo

 - Punta Los Frailes.

 - La Paz.  Then we'll head over to the mainland....

 - Mazatlan

 - Several spots between Mazatlan & Puerta Vallarta.  We plan to be in PV in March when some good friends are planning on visiting and will cruise between there & Mazatlan until we have to hole up in Mazatlan for Hurricane season. 

From there, we'll work our way down through Mexico and South America.  I'll update the site as we work our way down and new plans are made!