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Also check out some close friends or acquaintances that we are following:

 - Kip & Denise Stumbough about Adelia.  www.adelia-sails.com.  Kip & Denise just left Channel Islands Harbor Oct 22nd, 2006

 - Tony & Shannon Morelli on Sweetie.  Click here  They also left Channel Islands Harbor in 2006.

 - Mike & Lindsey aboard La Otra - www.laotrasails.com

 - K.T. & Chris aboard Billabong - www.neoscape.com/billabong

 - Eric & Sherrell aboard Sarana - www.sailsarana.com  Eric & Sherrell are in several of our pictures as they have been in port with Scott & Liz on Ocean Lady.  They have also given me many tips & tricks for my website - Thanks!!

 - Pat & Barry Bolln aboard another 45' Fuji - hull number 006! - Click here.  Pat & Barry came through our Harbor October 2007 and are cruising down Mexico a little ahead of us.

 - Gary Barnett & Marianne Smith aboard Gallant Fox - Click here. 

 - Michael Salvaneci - www.cruisingdreamspress.com - Author of 'Islands, Oceans, & Dreams' - a book about his 7 year circumnavigation and a MUST read!!

 - Jay, Marg Crandell & their two Daughters on Malachi.  Click here.

Special Thanks to.....

Doug Ditton - Dad!  For moving out here to run the shop on our first attempt to leave in 2005, driving us around or letting us borrow the car when we needed it, for letting us stay at your place when we were in the yard, for cooking us those wonderful dinners each night we were in the yard, for letting us keep all of our stuff at your place when we were car-less, letting us do laundry at your place.....and for generally putting up with us during the most stressful time of our departure.  We love you! 

My folks - Bill & Sandy Hayes - for being so supportive of our trip, and making the very special surprise visit to the Bon Voyage party to see us & the boat.  I love you tons.  And Bill Hayes has been the 'webmaster' of sorts - helping me with the website comments, blogs, & problems here & there.  Thank you sooo much!!

Everyone at Livingston Memorial VNA, for the very special gifts & well-wishes.  Especially Jeanne Mitchell, Sue Chenoweth & Emma Mayer for the fabulous send off party.  Check out the photos page to see the fun that was had! 

Sue & Dennis Chenoweth - for helping me make those GREAT curtains, teaching me to crochet, & taking the wonderful photos at the party in 2005!  Thank you also for sharing your home with us during the rainy season & again before we left in 2007.  I could never thank you enough for your love & support.  We're looking forward to you visiting us! 

Jeanne & George Mitchell - for so many things!!  Letting us borrow your car for 2 weeks back in 2005, letting us 'crash' on your boat while ours was in the yard in 2007 and all of your love and support.  You are wonderful and we can't wait to see you in March in PV! 

Chris Keating, Sue Chenoweth, Leah Hunter, Emma Mayer, Muriel Pierson, Joe Milano, Leigh & Tara Stivers, Vicki Howard, Dave Lockridge & Nancy McMillan for your contribution to my music selection - I love the variety that I have now!

Our Family - parents, grand-parents, aunts & uncles, sisters & brothers - everyone has been super supportive of our dream, even though it's mind boggling to them!

Chad Butler - Barefoot Rigging - All of the rigging, re-rigging, sailing lessons, and for joining us on our 2 week cruise in 2005 and coming with us for a couple months again in 2007!

Frosty Melton - God Rest your soul - Thanks for all of your help getting the masts ready to stand again.

Anchor's Way Boatyard - Andy, Melissa, Chuck, Les, Frank, Jose, Jose, Greg, Gil, Doug - Thanks so much for all of your help and support while we were in the boatyard - both times!  Your knowledge and assistance was phenomenal.

Doug at Specialized Marine - Thanks for hooking us up with the refrigeration changes and the 'cruising kit'.

Corey Coxon at Yachtech - you've been so helpful with so much, we've appreciated all of your assistance and guidance for our systems on board. 

Scott & Liz Behrens - for leaving a couple years earlier and keeping us excited when we were frustrated & stressed.  Your friendship means so much to us.  We look forward to seeing your place in Nicaragua!

Brad Johnson at Sojourn Marine

Keith McMillan - All the Stainless onboard looks great - thanks to you!!

Mike (Jocko) McFadden - All the fancy woodwork and great pictures!

Bill Barg

Richard & Mike at Union Tool - we can't thank you enough for all of your help with the rudder situation!

John Pfarr - Compass Marine - For so much - bringing the boat home with Michael, working on the boat inside and out, and for keeping Michael sane during those trying times.

Animations from www.bellsnwhistles.com